TOGETHER WE THRIVE... through the COVID-19 pandemic


On this page you will find a sampling of pottery shapes, canvas design, and  wood shapes we have at IT'S YOURS POTTERY.  So, take a look around.  If you don't see what you are looking for ...don't hesitate to contact us with your may be on a shelf.  If we don't have it...we're happy to see if we can bring it on in.   

Each CREATIVITY 'TO-GO' KIT is priced INCLUSIVE/plus NE Sales Tax, and will be packaged with your selection(s), glaze or acrylic colors, (1 main color and 3 accent colors per item, w/additional for $.50/each), paint brushes and basic pottery instruction sheet.  

Are you ready to let your inner artist out?  Lets get started!!!  Further details are shared on the ordering page...CLICK PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE for all the rest.  

Thank you Omaha and surrounding communities...Our hearts are warmed with all  the kindness and support have received through COVID-19. TOGETHER...we will get past this! 


Ordering your CREATIVITY 'TO-GO' Kit is super easy!  

1. Look through all the options listed below, jotting what you would like to order.  

2. From above...choose your colors!  You are allowed up to 3 per item, more at a minimal additional charge.

3. CLICK THE LINK BELOW to begin your order!